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Skálholt Cathedral

Skálholt Cathedral is the 10th church built on the very site, the first being built around year 1000. This beautiful church was designed by State Architect Hörður Bjarnason.

The Cathedral has stained-glass windows by Gerður Helgadóttir and a mosaic alterpiece by Nína Tryggvadóttir, these two are among Iceland's leading artists of the 20th century. In the cathedral are the altar and the pulpit from the cathedral of Bishop Brynjólfur Sveinsson (17th century), a chandelier he had made for the cathedral, and two copper candelabra.

The church is open to public every day 9:00-18:00 -  you are welcome to visit.

Skálholt Cathedral is a living church with services and also funerals, weddings and babtism. Please, note that access is restricted during ceremonies.

During ceremonies you can visit the museum in the tomb.


Please be in touch at if you want a guided tour for your group.

Church services

Divine service every Sunday at 11:00 or 14:00

Monday through Friday there are morning prayers most mornings at 9:00am. 

You are welcome to participate. 


​Please be considerate if there is a service in the church.​

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