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Behind the scenes pictures

The live recording was made in March 2021 in Skálholt Cathedral. Jökull had arrived with Rough Cult production company to check out the area and the facilities a few weeks prior. They showed up on a misty Thursday with the crew and musicians to make the music video to the beautiful song "I want more".

They spent the day there, playing the song over and over, each time just as perfect, as the camera hovered around them. 

The acustics in  Skálholt Cathedral is the best in Iceland and the church is a very popular place to hold concerts and record music. We are thankful that Kaleo decided to make their live recording in the church for the world to enjoy. 

One does not know what to expect when a rock band wants to make a music video inside a cathedral, but the whole process was very pleasant. Everyone was respectful and thankful and the work went smoothly, as could be expected from such professionals. 

Here are some behind the scenes pictures taken that day.

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