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Kaleo live in Skálholt!

Kaleo's new music video to the live performance of "I want more" in Skálholt church - Behind the Scenes


In March 2021 Jökull Júlíusson the singer of Kaleo came with a group of musicians and a film crew to make a live performance music video in Skálholt Church in South Iceland. The song "I want more", a new and slower verision by Kaleo was performed live in Skálholt church. Singer Jökull playing his guitar while an orchestra of violins and cellos formed a half circle around him. The video is particularly beautiful with the setting of the altar and the altarpiece in Skálholt church. 

The live recording was made in March 2021 in Skálholt Cathedral. Jökull had arrived with Rough Cult production company to check out the area and the facilities a few weeks prior. They showed up on a misty Thursday morning with the crew and musicians to make the music video to the beautiful song "I want more".

They spent the day there, playing the song over and over again, each time just as perfect, as the camera hovered around them.  One does not know what to expect when a rock band wants to make a music video inside a cathedral, but the whole process was very pleasant. Everyone was respectful and thankful and the work went smoothly, as could be expected from such professionals. 

The acoustics in Skálholt Cathedral is the best in Iceland so it is no wonder that Kaleo chose to do their live recording there. The church is a very popular place to have concerts and record music. 


We feel very blessed and are thankful that Jökull and Kaleo decided to use Skálholt Cathedral as a setting for their life performance of the song "I want more". 

You are welcome to visit Skálholt Cathedral and enjoy the calm athmosphere there. The Church is open from 9:00am - 6:00pm every day. 

Skálholt Cathedral is located on the Golden Circle just a 2 minutes drive from road 35. If you are on your way to Gullfoss, Geysir or Friðheimar Tomato farm, please take a right turn on road 31 and drive for about 2 minutes. You will then see Skálholt Cathedral on your right. 

Skálholt is one of the most historical places in Iceland, dating back to 1056.  The present Cathedral was consecrated in 1963 and is the 10th church standing on exactly the same site. It is decorated with valuable art, both old and new. In the crypt there is a small exhibition from the National Museum with items excavated in Skálholt.

Guests are welcome to visit the church and look around. In the basement there is a museum, a crypt of Bishop Páll Jónsson and an ancient underground tunnel. 

Hvönn Restaurant in Skálholt is open from 10 am - 4 pm every day and offers delicious food of local ingredients. 

Hotel Skálholt offers varied accommodation for affordable prices. 

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